The power of technology can enable satisfaction of people and their interactions with the world around them.


We always plan and develop products to connect the world through the power of IT.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We dive deep into the user's challenges and search for the best way to solve them. Our rich experience has been gained across numerous corporate projects, and allows us to solve your most pressing IT problems.

Producing websites

Producing websites

We are an organization that has extensive experience with web production and that informs our approach to quality and development. We guarantee creative and user optimized experiences for the Web.

Product Planning and Development3

Product Planning and Development

We perform content marketing not only through the Web but also in many other forms, such as merchandising, video, graphics, music, etc.

Organization Management Support

Organization Management Support

Managing an organization is not easy. We provide total management from building an organization to smooth operation and performance improvement with our experience and entrepreneurship.



Creating a good product makes no sense if it doesn't reach a wide audience. Our promotional know-how will ensure you meet that goal.



Experienced marketers are needed to perform marketing practices. Marketers are the key to improving a company's performance. From big data market insights to niche markets, we can meet all your marketing needs.


Our goal is to unite humanity and achieve world peace through the power of IT.

To achieve world peace, a war-free society is necessary. It is essential for people around the world to be satisfied with food, clothing, and housing.Our mission is to unite the world and achieve world peace through the power of IT. What kind of products should we develop to realize our vision of that world through the power of IT? Where are the people who want it?How do we deliver it to them? How can we contribute to their lives? We always ask ourselves these questions and then take action.When we were children, we were all excited to think that the future would be like a science fiction movie.With this pure feeling in mind, we are working to achieve a futuristic society with the latest technology.



Our policy is to unite the world through cutting-edge IT technology.

movie cat

movie cat is a lightweight multi-video viewer that requires no installation or downloading and can play up to 8 videos at the same time by simply inserting the URL of a Youtube video.

Sushi Police ON

💻📱🎧 Sushi Police ON is a musical unit consisting of Orpheus and Nuadha. They are two android agents from the future New York who belong to an organization called " Sushi Police ". In order to achieve their goal, they travel back in time to New York in the year 2023 and start promoting Sushi through music distribution.
💻📱🎧 sushipoliceon.com


Coming soon...


Sartre proposed that human beings are an expression of the consciousness of existence, and the idea of freedom is freedom of consciousness, which is integral to the freedom of human society.Now is the time to join together freely, advocate freely, and act freely. We believe it is the mission of creators to free people from hardships.




She has held marketing, public relations, and production positions in various companies.